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that Builds
Imagine working all day, every day on the
ledge of three-story building. That’s not
far from reality for an order picker. This is
why the entire truck, from generous use
of steel to Crown’s closed-loop control
system, is designed to contribute to
stability throughout every cycle.
Crown’s SP 3500/4000
Series lift truck mast delivers
rock-solid strength, along
with cushioned staging for
superior operator control and
confidence. This includes:

Heavy-gauge, wide outer
C-channels and inner I-beams
Robust stabilizing angular
cross members
Exclusive Crown
vertical mast braces
Brains Behind the Beige.
In addition to rigid mast design, Crown’s closed-loop control
system delivers a stability difference the operator can feel.
Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive
System Control collects and measures
operating conditions, then automatically
provides input to other vital truck systems
for real-time performance adjustments.
Crown Intelligent Braking
combines the optimum levels of
AC traction motor braking, along
with friction braking based on lift
heights, travel speed and direction
of travel.
Crown Intelligent Steering
slows the truck automatically as
the steering angle increases.


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