Rider Pallet PC 4500 Product Information - Page 8

Think tough.
Look underneath a pallet truck, and you’ll
uncover the truth on durability. Crown engineered
every part to withstand the toughest applications to
That explains why Crown
provides a five-year guarantee on the
power unit and fork weldment.
ensure longevity.
The Crown engineered
and manufactured drive
unit—which is the industry’s
largest—provides a level of
durability that competitors
cannot match. It’s the result
of a carefully integrated
design that features:

Top and bottom mounting

AC drive motor

orizontally mounted motor
(simplifies maintenance)

Large spur gears

Splined axle shaft

drive tire supported
on both sides.
The lift linkage system features massive steel
construction throughout, including the largest
and heaviest tension bar in its class to withstand
greater impacts than competitors.
A 13-inch drive tire
ensures a smoother ride
and sure handling of
heavy loads, easily
outperforming the
competitor’s 10-inch tires.
Crown’s load wheel
expertise ensures optimal
load wheel performance
and extends load wheel life
by integrating all critical
components such as
compounds, hubs,
bearings and axles.


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