Rider Pallet PC 4500 Product Information - Page 6

When it comes to low-level order picking, customers tell us small improvements in the
picking process contribute to big operational gains. So, whether you choose the standard PC 4500
model or enhance it with the QuickPick® Remote system, you’ll benefit from features that save time and
effort on every pick.
It's a fact: in typical picking
cycles, up to 75 percent of
tasks take place off the truck.
As much as 45 percent
of these tasks involve walking.
Given this fact, one of the main
goals of the PC 4500 is to
reduce operator efforts on and
off the truck.
Electronic power steering
with the X10® Handle ensures
easy steering and intelligent
control, on and off the truck.
During walk-along tasks, the
PC 4500 Series automatically
limits steering angles to plus
or minus 15 degrees.
Load backrest edges
are contoured to provide
smoother entry/exit. Optional
Work Assist® accessories
keep necessary tools close
at hand.
Operators also appreciate
how the platform stops
at a consistent step height
with each lift, which greatly
enhances operator
The platform on the
PC 4500 Series stops
at a preset height
every time the forks
are raised to provide
a consistent step height
for operators.
In addition, Crown’s wide
platform and easy walkthrough design allows
operators to walk through the
compartment, not around it,
cutting the number of steps in
half. This walk path reduction
means less picking time, less
material carrying time and
less operator fatigue.
An operator-sensing
floorboard further improves
walk-through by eliminating
a raised high-speed pedal.
Postural relief is another
advantage of the floorboard,
which features a premium
floor mat as standard. The
floorboard provides greater
flexibility for body positioning,
including the use of side
stance which contributes
to operator comfort and
productivity when working
in the forks-first direction.
According to Crown’s
research, the optional
second-level pick step for
the PC 4500 Series can
double the number of picks
that can be easily reached
by the operator. The fold-down
design gives operators quick
and secure footing, extending
the comfortable picking zone
as much as two feet.
A wide platform,
contoured load backrest
edges and low step
height simplify on-off
truck tasks and enhance


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