Rider Pallet PC 4500 Product Information - Page 4

Ever watch an operator put everything he has
into maneuvering a center control pallet truck?
The Crown PC 4500 Series gives you simplified
handling and precise control with electronic power
steering. Experience a simpler, more intelligent
way to move.
Crown’s innovative
electronic power steering
is a huge advantage on
the PC 4500 Series center
control pallet truck.
Operators gain the flexibility
to use side stance or forwardfacing positions for the task
at hand. And it reduces
fatigue by eliminating the
twisting and leaning required
to operate manual steer
center control pallet trucks.
Steering simplicity is
further enhanced by the
X10® Handle. It features
controls ergonomically
designed and positioned for
optimal use during steering
maneuvers. Operators can
simultaneously control travel,
lift and horn functions. You’ll
immediately notice how much
easier operators maneuver—
in and out of pallets and
around your facility.
The X10 Handle features a travel
speed switch to choose between
two operating modes. Placing the
switch in the rabbit mode (
allows high speed travel and a
steer angle of 60 degrees each
way of center to meet typical
application requirements. For
extremely congested areas,
placing the switch in the
turtle/rabbit mode (
reduces travel speed and
increases the steer angle to
90 degrees each way of center
for safe, optimized maneuvering.
Thanks to Crown’s
electronic power steering,
a tactile feedback device
and the intelligence of
Access 1 2 3® technology,
the PC 4500 Series helps
operators maneuver and
finesse even the heaviest
loads with ease.
On the PC 4500 Series,
Access 1 2 3 technology
continuously monitors operator
inputs and adjusts traction
and steering performance,
as well as varying handle
steer effort through the tactile
feedback device, to deliver
safe, optimized performance.
Consider how Crown’s
integrated systems approach
to steering benefits operators:

Operator stability and
control are maximized
at higher speeds.

Steer effort is reduced
when maneuvering in
tight, congested spaces.

Operator and load stability
are enhanced because
speed is automatically
reduced during turns.

Load stability is improved
by optimizing acceleration
under varying conditions.
These real-time feedback
and intelligent control features
of Crown center control pallet
trucks work to increase operator
confidence during high- and
low-speed maneuvering.
Operators also benefit from
the way the PC 4500 Series
contributes to operator
stability and reduced fatigue
which leads to increased
comfort and productivity.


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