Rider Pallet PC 4500 Product Information - Page 11

With Access 1 2 3
technology, the PC 4500
Series provides consistent
performance and the same
advanced diagnostics proven
across Crown’s product family.
Crown’s advanced diagnostics
enables faster, simpler and
higher quality service.
In addition, the InfoPoint®
System complements
Access 1 2 3 technology
by further simplifying service
by following a logical, easyto-understand troubleshooting
process. Key components
of the system include the
InfoPoint Quick Reference
Guide, on-truck component
maps and information nuggets
located throughout the truck.
They’re designed to give
technicians the three W’s
about a problem:

What it is

Where it is

What it does.
As a result, technicians can
quickly and accurately resolve
any issues without schematics,
wiring diagrams or service
manuals on most repairs.
Crown’s exclusive
guarantee and industryleading warranties give
you additional assurance of
superior, reliable performance
without having to purchase
extended warranties. These
demonstrate Crown’s
commitment to long-term
value and the lowest cost
of ownership.
You’ll also want to
consider the value of
Crown’s complete system
of support. Crown’s
Integrity Parts and
Service System®
you a proven way
to reduce labor and
parts replacement
costs. It’s the
result of Crown’s
extensively tested
components and systems,
combined with the industry’s
most responsive and qualified
dealer network. In addition,
your system of support
includes flexible maintenance
programs with customized
plans and innovative fleet
management solutions such
as InfoLink® and FleetSTATS®.
Superior performance. Reliable
service. Flexible solutions.
Everything comes together
for a wise investment.
Compare for yourself.
No one else goes this far.
Access 1 2 3 Control System
e-GEN Braking System
3 years
2 years
Power Unit & Fork Weldment
For decades, Crown
has been focused on
eco-friendly materials and
manufacturing processes to
the innovative design and
long-term durability of our
trucks. Crown is committed
to protecting the environment
5 years
and delivering productive
material handling solutions
to our customers, including
remanufactured components
and lift trucks. Crown believes
a clean environment is
smart business.
Make a smart
move with the
PC 4500 Series.
It’s your
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