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Crown’s remanufacturing process involves much more than component inspection and new paint. We
take a systematic approach to inspect, repair, replace and recycle lift truck parts. From start to finish, our
thorough factory-based remanufacturing process ensures nothing is overlooked. Because of our vertically
integrated manufacturing approach, Crown has immediate access to needed parts to quickly and
efficiently remanufacture our electric forklifts and guarantee the results.
Meticulous Inspections
Our factory-based remanufacturing
process begins with Crown
technicians stripping each forklift
to its frame to meticulously inspect
and repair or replace every part
that goes back into the forklift.
Every remanufactured truck
undergoes extensive operational
and safety inspections to ensure
that it performs like new.
Comprehensive Renewal
The remanufacturing process
for each Encore lift truck utilizes
detailed model-specific checklists
of components that are
systematically inspected, tested
and replaced as needed on every
unit. The remanufacturing process
includes electrical, structural
and exterior components as
well as drive units, hydraulics,
steering, brakes, bearings,
tires and load wheels.
Guaranteed Performance
Every Encore truck is subjected
to comprehensive performance
testing and extensive visual
inspection following assembly
to ensure that every component
meets the Encore standard. Our
standardized process delivers
dependable, quality-consistent lift
trucks that are guaranteed to
perform like new.
Certified Renewed
Drive Units
The Smart, Sustainable Choice
For more information, contact your local Crown dealer or visit crown.com.


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